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Friday, March 21, 2008

Z is for Z-Z-Z-Z-Zombie!

Sock Madness has begun again, so you’ll maybe understand and forgive any upcoming fits of babbling incoherence. I’ve promised myself I’d take it easier this year and knit for fun rather than for the sake of franticness, but, hmm… It feels much like we’ve picked up right where things paused last year (a lot of the same folks came back for more of the punishment… er… comeraderie… that is…) and I can already feel the adrenalin rush (even though the first round has been much more relaxed than what I remember from later on…)

Anyway, here are my Zombie Socks (a fab design, quite a fun knit) by blogless Emm1e (Ravelry link) as of March 14th bedtime:

And here they are at noon, March 17th:

Made it through Round 1 – phew!!!

Zombie also works for my other semi-along. 5 Element Knitter is hosting an Alphabet Soup Challenge, after proving on her own blog that it can be done... The goal is to title blog entries successively from A-Z without any miscellaneous in-between entries. She’s got prizes and all for the first to finish, but mainly I figure it’ll be a good way to get myself blogging regularly again, having the next letter as a challenge to figure in.

Me being me, inside out, left to right, and backwards, I’m starting from Z and working to A instead. I was debating doing it this way, just because, when the Zombie pattern was announced and “Z for Zombie” clinched ti. Not sure if my wrong-way-ed-ness will put me out of the contest, but it’ll be a fun challenge even if it does…