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Thursday, March 27, 2008

You'd Think...

That having a collection of FO’s would offer sweet incentive to write a chattily witty post declaring them. You’d think… I’m not totally sure about the chatty (ask me again at the end of the post), but I’m pretty sure you’ll have to forego any inspired wittiness. There is a post – that’s one of the factors at least, right?

In no particular order:

Tall Tibetan Socks ala Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways For Sock Knitters -- second sock complete (finally!) Sadly, they still need blocking, so I’ve plugged the photos of sock 1 in for my FO shot (I promise, the second sock looks nearly identical to the first, with the exception that the spiral spirals in the opposite direction):

Kureyon Kozies: I wanted to make Knitty’s Kureyon Kozy for my MIL, but she keeps her house fairly cool and was concerned that the open spout would let her tea cool too quickly. We both agreed, though, that the sleeker Knitty cozy was quite the thing (doesn’t it sound more like I’m describing a racecar – really, when did I decide that a teapot cozy needed to be sleek?) and so compromised (Compromise? Waitaminit here…). I give you the Kureyon Kozy and the accompanying Kozy Cap. (For all my kvetching – MIL loves knit gifts, but has yet to accept one that she didn’t first redesign – the cozies were pleasantly quick and easy knits, quite enjoyed, and MIL is hip-hip-happy with them)

FlickaDot’s birthday socks – Lykkefanten’s Go Gryffindor Socks. They’ve been done for a while, but I was afraid to post them earlier as Dumpling still drops in here occasionally. Her birthday party was last Sunday (how many girls can boast that the Easter bunny visited them especially, for their birthday, and that their main party game was an Easter egg hunt?) and she’s already got them, so no secrecy needed anymore. And, yes, she loves them, and I believe she was saving them to wear to school today (hope she didn’t forget)…

Lykkefanten has also just released the Such A Slytherin version, yarn for which I’m currently hunting. I’d love Slytherin/Snape stuff even if only to hear how vehemently Flicka shrieks “But Maaaahm, how can you – he’s mean to Harry!” Boys are still icky, it’s not quite a Potteresque crush yet, but close – after all she’s a totally grown up nine years old now!...

Plain old no pattern traveling rib black scarf. I’m always griping about short scarves, so I finally got myself in gear and fixed the problem… It aimed to be 6’ long, grew a little more, and wraps and drapes and ties, you name it, all happily at the same time. And winter even hung around long enough for me to actually use it this year!

‘Nother plain old no pattern basic boy mittens. He needed them in a hurry, and there was some bulky handspun, but it was white. White for a little boy’s mitten set – I don’t think so. Carry along a strand of thin brownish stuff and voila!

One other… My first “Baby Surprise Jacket”. Teaser picture only as it’s a gift for a friend that stops in here sometimes and though it’s not a surprise, I’d like her to see it in her own hands first… Picture to follow eventually…

That’s all for now… The wait is on for Sock Madness 2 Round 2 and I’m having difficulty focusing on other things (I know, I did say it wouldn’t be all-consuming this year, and it totally isn’t, honest, truly!... Just, well, I need to swatch for the lace pattern, and I’m thinking about yarn, and I can’t wait to see the pattern for next round to pick the best match, and… Is it Tuesday yet? Should I start checking my In-Box?).


Friday, March 21, 2008

Z is for Z-Z-Z-Z-Zombie!

Sock Madness has begun again, so you’ll maybe understand and forgive any upcoming fits of babbling incoherence. I’ve promised myself I’d take it easier this year and knit for fun rather than for the sake of franticness, but, hmm… It feels much like we’ve picked up right where things paused last year (a lot of the same folks came back for more of the punishment… er… comeraderie… that is…) and I can already feel the adrenalin rush (even though the first round has been much more relaxed than what I remember from later on…)

Anyway, here are my Zombie Socks (a fab design, quite a fun knit) by blogless Emm1e (Ravelry link) as of March 14th bedtime:

And here they are at noon, March 17th:

Made it through Round 1 – phew!!!

Zombie also works for my other semi-along. 5 Element Knitter is hosting an Alphabet Soup Challenge, after proving on her own blog that it can be done... The goal is to title blog entries successively from A-Z without any miscellaneous in-between entries. She’s got prizes and all for the first to finish, but mainly I figure it’ll be a good way to get myself blogging regularly again, having the next letter as a challenge to figure in.

Me being me, inside out, left to right, and backwards, I’m starting from Z and working to A instead. I was debating doing it this way, just because, when the Zombie pattern was announced and “Z for Zombie” clinched ti. Not sure if my wrong-way-ed-ness will put me out of the contest, but it’ll be a fun challenge even if it does…


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Out of Hiding

I can’t quite figure how it’s been since August since I last posted. Ravelry happened (hey, it’s me, Sheepspyjamas there too), but I haven’t been all that active there either. There are a few projects and all, but I haven’t been writing here, there, anywhere. Burnout or some such – I love having posts to blog, but the writing isn’t as easy as it seems like it ought to be and I do have difficulty starting things that appear like they might be involved or discouraging of late (as anyone who has seen the state of my house and housework, or lack of, can totally attest to…)

Anyway, here’s another bit of ketchup (watch out, don’t get any on your clothes), and I’ll try to do better, promise:

Recently finished:

(Honestly, I did finish this for true, just needs a photo, but since Boy has already borrowed them from me, well...)

In the Works:

(I’m working my way through Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters, aiming to complete at least one of each “type”).

(Stalled Knitty's Hey Mickey... This will probably surface again when the dash to knit keep me warm stuff gives way to short skirt weather again...)

(His and hers, both semi-stalled...)

(All but finished, blog later...)

And, pictureless, a simple ribbed black scarf for me, mindless project, in between the mad dash to mitten the kids.

Time, also for a little virtual housecleaning; I suspect I’ve broken many of my previous links/pictures. Please bear with me as I revamp the sidebar and do some “darning” in previous posts…

‘Nuff blather… it’s good to be back!