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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Swatch Your Step

One fini, two beginni today...

Finished socks for the Pojke-Dot:

There's a wee baby cable hidden in that there ribbing, but otherwise, they're pretty ordinary.

Swatched the Madness Round Three... Requirements were a yarn ("designed with a varigated yarn in mind but a solid would probably work" -- I elected something a bit more sedately variegated than last go-round) that would knit to 7 SPI, 2.5mm needles recommended, yardage a whopping 520 meters recommended (with "plenty left over"). I'm afeared of that "plenty left over" phrase, so I decided to work with a yarn that I had plenty of. Can't you just see me knitting, needles on fire, speeding my way through, rushing toward the finish line, and then... and then... Well, I daren't even say it. If I've enough left over, well, there'll just maybe be another pair of sock in my someday future *grin*.

Mountain Colors Bearfoot, colorway Gold Rush
Needles: Skacel? US0 -- needed to get guage of 7 SPI.
Swatch: Nice hand to the fabric, got guage, has since become a handy-dandy stitch marker container.
Colors are much brighter than they appear in the photo taken on this less than brightish day.

And lastly:

Project, as yet undesigned, dog knows (hopefully, a'cause I don't) if it ever will actually be designed. Said project does have an ultimate goal (obviously lace, obviously shawl-ish) in mind, and said swatches are slightly different in hopes to figure which will work best with said project and said ultimate goal. Which do you prefer visually? There would probably be a fairly large vista of the swatched sections across said-said-said...
Oh, and just so you know, I did block these before I photo-ed them, but there was a bit of a time-lapse in between, I admit...