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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Keep Your Socks On (The Needles, I Mean)!

I'm having issues with blog-writing today, apologies... No whining, but I've been a bit under the weather this weekend, and so I'm a bit behind and everything I write feels bleh.

However, I've been asked for photos (hi, Sean and Kat -- totally blew me away to get comments on a post I hadn't yet written! :*) of Sock Madness round three (is it a very bad sign when you can't type "three" properly, and then again when you can't manage to spell "spell"? Speel, spele, splee? Fingers just not working right...). So, without further ado...

I did finish in time to continue on to the next round, Weeheeee!

Yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Colorway Yellowstone
Needles: Circular, US0, both socks knit at once
Pattern: Painted Madness by Tricia Weatherston

Also in sock news, I'm planning out a pair of socks for Socktopia's April Showers theme... More on that later, after I see if they work out the way I've pictured them in my wee tiny brain... I'm still at the babblingly excited stage -- I love it when it still seems you can create anything you want and squish it into a pair of shaped tubes and have it all work out! 'Course that usually simply means reality hasn't yet set in, but still, often after you squish you get something that's not quite "anything you want" but still something quite cool... (Or, other times, there's a bomb or two along the way, but that's what frogging's for, hmm?)

And, with that, without further, adieu!