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Friday, March 9, 2007

What a Difference a Foot Makes!

...Otherwise known as "Better Post Post-Blocking". The socks are a wee bit big for Flicka yet, but she's 7 so that's okay; usually we have the reverse problem. Other than length, where I'd rather have a tad extra space, they fit her perfectly, and she likes them, and, gee, does she really have to, yes, she has to, wait for her birthday to actually take possession of them?

Also appropriate for FO Friday:

A somewhat late birthday gift for my Mom-In-Law. And, just in case you're interested, this was felted with one bucket of hot, soapy water, one bucket of frigid clear water, and a bathroom plunger (admittedly, one dedicated to felting), on account'a I'd heard about it and wanted to try, on account'a I'm a bit afeard of hubby's reaction should my felting experiments adversely affect our own dear washie, and on account'a it seemed like it might be easier than schlepping back and forth and hovering over the machine ala "Is it done yet?". And, in actuality, yes, it is easier, and this was the result of about half an hour's plunging, switching, and water replacement therapy! I'm quite pleased...

Pattern: Magknits Sophie Bag
Yarn: My very own handspun, loosly spun sport weight, knit doubled.
Flower: From one of Nicki Epstein's "Knitting Over the Edge" books, but the book is at home and I'm not totally sure which of the KOE books it came from offhand.

S'all for now... If you're gearing up for SockMadness tomorrow, good luck!
Happy weekend!

Re: Ducks
Thank you, Sean... I still don't like flowers, but I admit that, as flowers go, I can live with it (especially since it's not me that will have to live with it). The Epstein book is quite cool -- I didn't realize how much it had to offer besides flowers...

And thank you Shelly, glad you like! If you're going to be doing any felting anytime soon, try it, the plunger works great...

Hi, Wendy, how'd you do? I'm pretty sure I saw your finished socks in Flickr, may have even commented on them there; it's all a blur.... I'll go back and look for yours in a bit, promise...

To Everyone: If I'm a little quiet in upcoming days, please forgive... The Madness has begun!


  1. The bag is great and I love the flower closure.

    plunger and buckets...I can get into that. Most probably will work better than a front loader. but I still love the dryer method.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for stopping my my blog! I love the socks. I had to put my current pair aside. I joined sock madness too! It should be fun. I don't know that I'm fast enough to make it though to many rounds , but it will be fun trying! I posted my colors for the first sock this morning. I'll be looking for yours. good luck!

  3. The socks and the bag both look great! I've never heard of the whole plunging in buckets of water way of felting...sounds interesting for sure!

  4. Sink plunger - what a great idea, especially for those of us with front loaders, which you can't stop and start at will. I'll try it!