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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

They're Back!

Yes, after all, I did get the bag, Sunilda pieces, checker sock, book, and even the headphones I'd forgotten were in there -- oh, and sandwich (yes, still sealed) that I'd wished to forget. All safe and sound, thanks, I'm totally certain, to the collective good wishes they received while away. Thank you to everyone that wrote and/or passed the word -- you quite lifted my spirits, and would still have even had I not gotten the bag back. And insert a quick plug for Woolcott and Company here -- the folks there commiserated with me quite nicely and empathetically (one of the reasons that, much as I love the internet, I truly believe on-line can never take the place of a wonderful, cozy, knowledgeable, touch-me, see-me, sniff-me LYS).

No pictures of Sunilda yet (and yes, I'll be much more careful about possible portents in future writing -- lucky I mentioned barring a major unforeseen catastrophe rather than a minor unforeseen catastrophe, hmm?) as I'd said the next photo would be completed and she isn't yet. But I do have some eye candy:

Socks for Flicka's bday (party on Sunday -- good thing she doesn't read the blog, else I'd not be able to post these either!)... Gotta love my oso-fancy cardboard sock-blockers, no? They aren't all that good for sock drying, but in a pinch for a photo, quite the thing.

My mind's a bit scattered and I do have a sweater to try and finish before Sock Madness Round 2 tomorrow, so I'll flee for now. Anyone else that's participating, g'luck... I've been matched with Omly of Omly Crafts -- probably the only person in the whole worldwide Sock Madness pool that I've ever met, what are the odds? At least if she finishes before me, I'll know firsthand that I lost to a first rate knitter... All set, Omly? On your mark...

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  1. I am so relieved that all worked out well! Also I thought it was really funny (and cool) that we were paired up for round 2.

    Psst I haven't posted anything on my blog about it yet (no real reason just haven't figured out what I want to say about it yet), but I will be doing some travel next month (Hong Kong, Germany and Paris) so I won't be too sad if I am eliminated. It looks like the final rounds could well be into May, and with spotty internet access from the middle of April onwards I wouldn't be very competitive.