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Monday, March 12, 2007

Sleep Disorder

Pertinent Details:
Pattern: Mad Cow from the Sock Madness Competition
Solid Color: Regia 4-ply
Variegated Color: Claudia's Hand Dyed Fingering, 100% merino
Needles: Addi Turbo Circular, US1 (I'd probably do this pattern on US0's were I to repeat it.)
Started: Approximately 8:30AM, Saturday, March 9th
Finished and pictures posted to Flickr: 3:00AM, Sunday March 10th
This was definitely recordbreaking in terms of elapsed time for me, and I was not the first to finish! S'gonna be an interesting few weeks, that is if I manage to keep up with the rest of the group along the way.
Okay, I'll go now, I suspect I'm starting to babble.

My question for those of you that are competing, how many of you finished your Mad Cow socks, rested for a bit, and then picked up some other knitting for the interim, socks or otherwise? I thought I'd be done knitting for a while, thought about spinning, and somehow found myself working on another pair of socks (albeit a bit more slowly) without even realizing.

And how many of you found yourself thinking about different ways to change the pattern while you were working on the Mad Cows? I kept playing with different striping patterns in my head and having to stop and make notes before I could relax back into the pattern as written...

Re: Ducks
Now there's a plan for the Flickr site after the fact -- how many different versions of these socks will evolve into being when the second pair "grows up"? Nice to know I'm not the only one, hubby thinks I must be a bit daft.

Tam, I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties -- I can't even imagine how frustrating to need to hold off on knitting. Glad to hear, though, that you're better after the break and hope the next round is a bit easier on you...


  1. oh really funny that you asked these questions lol...because I finished the socks last night and thought...well I want to make them again lol but slower and learn how to do toe ups lol...also I was thinking of different stripping patterns I could employ has to be an addiction...

  2. I was constantly thinking of mods for the pattern. I don't know that I ever knit a pair of socks anymore from a commercial pattern that I don't make at least some small change. It was a bit weird to follow along exactly as the pattern was written.

    I went straight from my Mad Cows to knitting a chemo cap. Well, I did try to catch a little bit of sleep, but since it was elusive, knitting came to the rescue. I'm keeping my sock needles clear for the next round, just in case. I have plenty of other knitting and spinning to keep me busy.

  3. I am with you- it was all I could do to just KNIT THE PATTERN. That is my usual MO though. I have never met a pattern that I couldn't modify. I took a couple of days off because I have neck and back issues (not to mention the killer sinus headache I can't seem to get rid of) but I'm going back to a sock in progress that I started before Sock Madness began. That two day knitting marathon just about did in my arthritic neck but am I giving up? Heck no. See you next round!