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Thursday, March 22, 2007

No Comment

... Or no comments, as the case may be. Earlier today I installed Haloscan to my Blogger template (Haloscan is a commenting add-on that allows one to see email and blog addresses for commenters, which in this reporter's opinion is a vast improvement over Bloggers comment system). As Golden Purl mentions in her current post, Haloscan is not able to read comments previously posted to the Blogger system and so it appears *sob* that all my comments to date have disappeared. I'm told that they're actually still on Blogger, but that they're simply not accessible to the new "comment collection device". Either way, I can't review anything that was previously posted, and I'm quite sad at the loss; I quite value your comments, and I did reread many of them now and then :*( The up side, though, is that going forward I'll be able to either respond on the blog or email the commenter directly, and I'll be able to see your blog address even if you're not coming from Blogger, so I'll be able to "visit" much better and more often. Still, I miss my comments.............

No new project pix to offer, so here's a bit of fun stuff I've been collecting as random blog fodder:
i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @
Apparently I'd be a bit on the nondescript side even in Hogwarts (not that this is necessarily a bad thing). Where did the sorting hat put you?

The Madness begins again tonight: get set......................

Oh, and one pair of Re: Ducks from yesterday's now absent comment, thanks, Omly, and yes, I too was quite relieved. And, wow, your socks are going to walkabout through Europe? Mad or no, mine will be quite jealous -- I'll be hoping to read about it when you get back, especially as I considered myself quite intrepid to have made it to California and Montreal (ooh, a different country!). Guess I'll read about it before then, but I hope ya's have a blast!