Knitting and Spinning and Stuff, oh my!

Friday, March 2, 2007

In Training...

But ECF first:

I couldn't bear the thought of another ice picture on such a gray, icky day as this (I believe that's the proper meteorological term), so I've dug through the archives to a sunnier, distant-er, long-ago day. Picture taken from the gondola at Mt. Tremblant in Canada. DearHeart spent the day driving at the Tremblant track and the Dots and I figured to take a ride up to above Tremblant village (amazing how much less crowded the gondolas are in the summer!). Along the way, this happened:

and so our gondola ride turned into 14 circuits. PojkeDot did wake up in time to see the top of the mountain ultimately, though... And FlickaDot got to visit with some friends in Tremblant Village...

and I got a chance to save some summer for now, when I need it most.

So, as I said, in training:

This is the beginning of Spindlicity's Nordic Lights socks, which I'm starting right about now because (a) I can't bear not to have twelve million socks in progress on the needles; (b) I totally can't wait until Sock Madness starts and I must wear out the urge to knit socks before the actual competition begins; and, (c) Sock Madness is probably an entirely appropriate name for a competition including this particular set of SheepishNightwear.

But I'm also just about done with Sunilda:

This is the second sleeve, and it has about 10 rows left to go. Everybody breathe a sigh of relief -- the next picture of this sweater you'll be subjected to will, barring unforseen events of catastrophic proportions, be the completed sweater.

Happy weekend, y'all, and spinn lyckligt!