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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Have No Middle Name

I've read that others have been conscientiously working on non-knitting projects while waiting for the next SockMadness round, and you might think that it would be prudent to hold off a bit before starting more socks. No one ever suggested that Prudence was my middle name (or that it might be Patience, for that matter), however...

For what it's worth, the idea for these has been fermenting for a very long time...

Re: Ducks
Thank you, Victoria. Totally non-related, but Dream Theater is one of my favorite bands and the name Victoria crops up in several songs, and every time I read a post from you on Sock Madness, or think a thanks for your comments here, it ends up being a musical "Hello, Victoria..." or "Thank you, Victoria", in James LaBrie's voice... Kind of odd, really, but also pleasant, though it tends to echo through my head until I find another bit of lyric to replace it. So, "Thank you, Victoria" for having such an interesting name, as well...

Amy, thank you, and sorry the first round left you with after-effects. I admit to a bit of soreness after my own marathon, but I was frothing at the bit to get going by the next evening. Not sure if that speaks of resilience, obsession or addition...


  1. oh those are really cute! i am working on another pair of socks as well...plust have three other projects on needles (non-socks)...from what i understand of the contest there is no release date yet for the next round...i have to keep knitting in the mean time lol

  2. Love these socks!

    No, I haven't done any knitting since completing my Mad Cow socks, but I really pushed my limits and am afraid of real damage if I don't give my muscles a break. (But when I resume, I have a baby sweater OTN that I must finish for next Tuesday....)