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Friday, March 16, 2007


I was on the bus to work this morning and it was one of those, geez, where is my head, should'a done the coffee first mornings (actually, in retrospect, it might've been a good day to stay home entirely). And what a doozie I managed... If any of you happen to be riding the 71 bus between Watertown and Harvard Square and notice a Woolcott and Company shopping bag containing:

A copy of Simply Socks
A ball of quite beautiful worsted weight hand dyed yarn
An in process red and black socks, toe up, boat sized (size 13) sock for my husband (and I just finished the heel and started the ribbing) -- see previous post...
And the prize winner of all the bag contained: All the pieces, blocked and ready for assembly (I was going to work on them at lunch today) to Pojke-Dot's Sunilda sweater -- also see previous posts...

there's a good chance it's mine (what's the likelyhood of two such bags showing up without an Infinite Probability Drive? Hmm... what would you do if someone returned it, but it was ever so slightly different? What if the sweater was finished when you got it back or something? That'd kinda freak me out...) The MBTA says not to give up hope, it still could show up, but they haven't found it and it hasn't been turned in yet. Cross your fingers for me, will you? Oh, and Sean, if you're reading, I could sure use some of your of-late local-area karma (and, just in case someone happens to show up at Woolcott with a bag they found, looking for an owner to match, keep me in mind, would you?).

Now back to your regularly scheduled Friday...


  1. OMG, Horrified is the only thing I can say, except: We would be very happy to replace the book and the yarn for the sweater free of charge. But what could mend your broken heart?

    We most definitely will keep an eye out and I'll post blog entries and an email blast. Maybe, just maybe something will happen.

  2. How ironic that the last post about the sweater pieces referred to a finished picture, "barring unforseen events of catastrophic proportions". I hope someone returns your bag!

  3. Oh no! I do hope your bag gets returned with all the contents intact!

  4. We posted your lost notice on Metaboston too. Good luck!