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Monday, February 5, 2007

Thanks Be For Busy Work

... 'Cause it's so hard to wait...

I've noticed that wheels that select names for themselves seem to stick around... I've had quite a collection of wheels come and go, and only three so far that have personas -- the Peacock, which became Astrid almost of her own accord, no idea where the name came from, it sorta was just there; Zelda at the office (likewise); and the Beaver, which was sort of aptly named by the Dots as "Bob the Beaver". These three seem to be survivors, and now there's to be an addition. I'm purchasing a Timbertops Chair Wheel, already dubbed "big sister to the Beaver". We're due to pick it up next Sunday, and I'm all week-before-Christmas excited, can't wait-ish about it. Upstairs wheel, downstairs wheel, work wheel and travel wheel, and I'll be settled perfectly. And the Chair Wheel has long been my dream wheel; having the Beaver already makes me confident that it really is the dream and really will spin the way I expect it to.

Of course, along with that goes selling a few wheels of my own, finances, space issues, and all. On the block are my Hitchhiker and the Timbertops Suitcase wheel (Himself told me this morning that the Joy has already been spoken for). Not that I imagine tons of folk are passing through to note them, but just in case you might have an interest, please swing by Himself's eBay vendor site Randoma and have a look see -- I'd love to know they're going to a happy home...

More busy work -- OTN: Sunilda Childs Version from Elsebeth Lavold's Second Viking Knits.
This qualifies as a multi-duty project. From the sidebar, Project Spectrum blue and Stashalong stashbusting (not to mention that I've been hankering to work on a sweater for a while now), but more importantly, I've the second round of gift knitting looming rather imminently. Most knitters have a breather after the year-end holidays, but me, not me. I married into a family of clustered birthdays and, even better, managed to carry on the tradition with the next generation -- within the next three months there will be eight family birthdays (not to mention Himself's, that just passed). Better get a move on, hmm?