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Friday, February 9, 2007

My Dog Ate My Eye Candy...

When I wasn't looking (yeah, right...). I have a particular picture I wanted to post, but I can't find it amongst Himself's photo filing system (hence two photo filing systems and we have involuntary backups of most of our photos). I'll just have to save it for next Friday.

Some photos I do have for today, though:

Revisiting my in progress Sunilda Childs Version, and yes, I swatched, twice even -- first umpteen times for guage (I'm not using the recommended weight yarn as I wanted a denser sweater and had to adjust the needles to approach the recommended guage), and just now to see if the cable pattern worked for me (please forgive the lack of blocking -- I just finished binding off). So, cable pattern -- I admittedly haven't reconsulted the Viking Knits book, but my increases to start the bottom don't much resemble my decreases to close the top of the cable pattern. I much prefer the top of the pattern, so I'm wondering if anyone might suggest a way to increase on the bottom corners that would match...

Ideas?... Anyone?... Anyone?... Bueller?

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