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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Mittens Then, Shawl Now

Last week I finished Double Helix / Galaxy Purl's Callisto Pico child's shawl (as yet unblocked), and a miniature 20" doll version with the leftover yarn. It'll be a while until I can actually give them to Flicka-dot as I'm saving them for her birthday (in March! S'gonna be hard to wait that long...). I expected that the shawl would take longer to finish, but it just flew along, almost on its own it seemed.

I'd highly recommend this pattern. It's well written and quite easy to follow, and it was interesting enough to keep me going without being so intricate that I'd need to set time aside to work on it especially. I might even try the adult version one of these days (isn't it usually the child that gets one to match Mom's rather than the other way around?)...

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  1. Your Callisto Pico looks just great! And satisfyingly, it looks almost exactly like PeachPit's. I love the yarn you chose.