Knitting and Spinning and Stuff, oh my!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's Spin Crazy Around Here...

Quick update today; I've been insanely busy trying to get my office work caught up enough to take Friday off so that I can be insanely busy with home stuff. But one must take time to visit with the important stuff along the way, right?

Yes, as you ask, Suzanne, the wheel has named itself. It proclaimed itself "Harriet" somewhere along the way back from Maine. Funny how one might personify a wheel with a (feminine) name, but still refer to it as an "it", you think?

I was almost afraid to mention my other Timbertops wheel (Bob the Beaver, if y'all will recall) when I was buying this one -- they're both double treadle accelerator wheels, they have similar ratios, and they're sort of sister/brother in the Timbertops line. But that's actually what I wanted -- similar wheels, sharing bobbins, whorls, and accessories, so I wouldn't have to schlep one upstairs/downstairs. By all reckonings, it should feel much like spinning on the same wheel -- turning out smooth, fine, fairly tightly twisted worsted spun that sock and lace knitters like me love. But Harriet had other plans... I haven't quite figured out why or how -- Harriet definitely likes it smooth, but softer, more long-draw-ish, for lighter and airier yarns -- hmm, nice for sweaters and snuggly knits, colorwork, you think? Just as knitters like me love? Turns out Harriet wasn't what I expected, but Harriet is exactly what I didn't know I wanted. And, yes, it's definitely a keeper!

So far I've spun two bobbins of Corriedale singles and plied several bobbinsful that were already spun and I'm quite loving it. I've never been very regular with long-draw, but, wow, it does go fast. And I am getting better at it. So you know where I'll be when I've a moment to set aside for myself... For today, I'll leave you with another set of intros:

Bob, meet Harriet,

(would that then make their offspring "Bobbin" or "Bobbette"?)

and my buddy Stass, who finds the whole thing quite tedious...

(and who I'd rather didn't introduce herself to the wheels too terribly personally...)