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Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Friday!

(and, warning, too late, this is a picture heavy post!)

First off, my thanks to everyone that responded to my mini-crisis (anyone that knows me, will already know that mini-crises don't necessarily signify all that much, tend to happen more frequently than perhaps is healthy, and are often allayed quickly -- especially with the application of fiber in whatever form)... Anyway, I actually wasn't really cris-ing over it, but I am concerned that I'm sort of treading roving with my blog, not really sure where I'm going with this (or this, actually, to be honest). Anyway, thanks for the good ideas, hints, and the like. I've noticed that my frequency of commenting on others' blogs has increased since I've been writing here, and I suspect there might a confidence issue or two involved as well... Whatever, I'm gonna try to worry less, blog for me, and hope some of you will still like it here enough to visit. >Now to step down, stop babbling, and hand out some of the bubble-bars from this here soapbox.<

You asked for pix, and today is the day, indeed! Following up on my swatch adventures, I'd totally recommend Cara's cable mending tutorial to everyone! It's simple enough for even "late night after a glass of wine" mending, efficient, and quite effective!

Before (miscrossed cable at upper right):

After (gotta learn to doodle on my photos, but miscrossed upper right no more):

And the back, post recabling:

And, no swatch this, the front is growing!

And, not leastly, as Suzanne requested:

More wheel-spiel to follow in another post.


  1. Beautiful ice photo!

    Your wheel is very handsome.

  2. Lovely ice photo indeed! Also the wheel looks like a winner. But what's his or her name?