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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lemming That I Am

So far this year I've committed to Stashalong for three months (though I'm expecting to re-up when that's done -- Stash has evolved to the point where it considers itself an entity and demands a moniker of its very own (along the lines of being a "Nessie" rather than a "Loch Ness Monster"). I could simply keep referring to it as Stash (no preceding "my", "the", or "a" involved here), but that somehow seems akin to calling one's child simply "Boy" or "Girl". Hmm... maybe the trick would be to change the names of my kids instead, you think?

I've some more post-Christmas gift pictures to post (all knit from Stash, even) -- two sets of fingerless mitts, a pair of plain vanilla mittens, a pair of stranded mittens and a hat (that "Girl" has informed me must, of course, Mommy, have matching mittens, you are going to make them for me, aren't you?)...

I'm planning on posting the chart for the stranded pair, once I do a bit of formatting and cleanup, and I probably could manage instructions for any of the others as well, if anyone happens to be interested.
Happy Tuesday.......


  1. Saw your link on the Fair Isle February blog and thought I'd stop by and say hello!

    Love your hat and great! I really like the colours in the green pair.

    Feel free to stop by my knitting blog,

    I'll bookmark your blog and come back again.

  2. I'm absolutely impressed by the beautiful work you're doing - especially the hat looks so lovely with the cabled detail! Very beautiful indeed!